The Breakdown

Find Your Place, Not Their Place:


We often attempt to stay in an area that is not conducive to our energy making us fill out of place. We often allow other people to project their fears and doubt onto us. Thus changing the reality that we have already manifested. So I say to you, stay true to who you are, and never let opinions changeyou, or who you are working hard to become. Remember that the Universe created you specifically to help make this reality better, and you obviously were equipped to provide a unique prospective to enhance life. So instead of responding to negativity, use that same energy to help improve who you are as a person.



Change Your Perspective:


Perspective is a great tool that can be used to channel your spirit. The fact that there are many perspectives to describe a moment in time, helps you see a larger picture instead of focusing in on a specific attribute. Try to look outside of what takes your attention, and attempt to unravel and take in everything that exist within the space of your viewpoint. Remember if you are on land and you witness a ship going under water, it may look as if it is sinking. But to creatures that already live under the water, it looks like the ship has just entered their world.



Breathe Bro:


You can go a few days without drinking water, you can even go a few days without something to eat, but you can't go more that a few minutes without breathing before you are no longer alive. So if you were to weigh these three attributes based on importance, I would say breathing is number one. But not a lot of people take this into consideration and attempt to master the art of breathing and understand the benefits of doing so. Try taking deep breaths for about 5 minutes every day to help regulate and control your body. While you are walking throughout your day make a conscious effort to control your breathing. This will help you understand your body with every breath you take, and help you become one with the universe. 

Lifestyle Diet

So you want to go to the next level huh? You want to be the best right? Lets break this down starting with your lifestyle diet shall we?


Most people think that your diet only consist of what you eat. But that is so far from the truth. Yes, your diet does impact the energy of your body and overall health. But in addition to watching what you eat, you also need toaccount for the things you view, the music you listen to, the people you surround yourself with, and the thoughts that you generate about yourself and others.



The images that you view have a serious impact on your personal life and the vibes you attract from the universe. Re-evaluate what you allow yourself to watch to understand how much of it is beneficial to making yourself a better person. Cut out the things that you determine are not making you better. You willsee a major change in the positivity that you obtain.


 Have you ever saw a movie and noticed how the music changes to match the actions of a particular scene? This is because music is the basic of all rhythm and helps set the tone for your current actions. So the next time you are in the gym and you play that song that makes you concentrate and complete the workout to the max. Take some time to asses the mood you are in and tap into the energy you generated. For you have tapped into the "mood" that you need to get to the next level. As a side note try to listen to only the music that puts you in your "Mood" everyday for a week. No radio just your personal playlist of songs that put you in that "mood" and observe the changes you experience.



It is a known fact that energy cannot be destroyed only transferred. With that being said make sure that you protect your energy from people that suck the energy out of you. Also protect yourself from people who are not on the same energy level as you. This goes to the saying "birds of a feather flock together" if you are constantly around people that are not on your same level or on the levelyou would like to be on, then what type of energy are you obtaining? Are you giving energy and not receiving any back? Ask yourself these questions and make executive decisions to alter who you surround yourself with. You will thank yourself later.



"I think I am therefore I am" is a phrase that is constantly overlooked. But you come to understand this phrase more as you look at past situations when you are around someone that constantly complains about there problems. People that talk negative about themselves are always in situations that are negative or depressing (isn't that a coincidence or is it?). Notice that the successful people are always talking about positivity or working hard and not listening to people that doubt their ability. This is a prime example of creating your own reality with your thoughts. So the next time you trip and fall, don’t say "I'm clumsy " instead say "that never happens to me". If you are going through a rough day remind yourself that you can get through this and make the corrections so that this wont happen again. And watch the new "luck" you obtain!



Follow these key points to help bring your vibe to an all time high. Remember your changes are for you not everyone else. You may not have the same friends at your best that you have when you are at your worst. And that’s okay! I hope this helps you on your journey.







Floating into the space of freedom creates a substance that money cannot buy or influence. As you drift into unknown territory your understanding of how the world operates strengthens, and you gain the ability to decipher the difference between the physical and the spiritual. Becoming one with the universe, allows you to tap into the unseen and listen to the unheard. Afterwards you become different as you are now equipped with the abilities that surpass the average. All of your goals are now obtainable and you have unlocked the secret to success.

New York

The vibrations of earths conversations consumes your ears as you walk thorough the congested intersection. Surrounded by unfamiliar objects you stop to admire what the designer of life has created. Your hair rises slightly as suddenly; silence kisses your ears ever so softly. You feel the calmness of your surroundings cry out your name. Smog gently arises around you creating a familiar mirage that your eyes have never seen. It is now that you realize you are in a heavy populated place where no one person has identity, but everyone has style.


New York...


Written: August 2nd, 2013, 10:28PM EST

To The Top

Luck graces my presence yet again. Falling from the sky with such grace, similar to a leaf falling from a branch. Dropping at its on pace, changing my emotions as it rotates to its final destination. Euphoric, complete, and vibrant are the words that describe the tingling sensation that traverses my body, similar to ants crawling up a hill. Then it comes to pass. My goals have been reached. My body returns to its natural state, as a new goal takes its place, starting the process all over again. This is a never-ending cycle of goals and aspirations. To the top I go…



Written: August 10, 2013, 12:54AM

Questions That Were Never Asked By People Who Never Knew To Ask.

Who made you forget where you came from? Who made you loose your spirituality? And why was it so important that you loose what you practiced prior to becoming slaves? What happened when your culture was really spiritual? Why is it important to keep you fighting your black brother or sister? Who named you? Why did you accept another name other than the name that was originally given to you? What does your name mean? What food did you eat in Africa? How many languages do you speak? You only speak one language? The only language you speak is English? Is English your native language? Are you European?  What’s your native language? Can you speak your native language? If not why cant you? Who made it okay for you not to know your native language?


These are just some of the questions that we do not ask that we should. Hopefully you will get the answers to these questions.


What Is Stopping You?

What Is Stopping You?



Why is that we wait for a tragedy to hit before taking actions that should have been implemented previously? What force comes over us that digresses the desire to take action? I often observe citizens within our society as they advocate there dreams to others via social media, only to later observe that no action is taken after there statement. Are there certain situations that alter a person’s eagerness to follow their dreams? Or is it something deeper?

          For a second sit back and think about all of your dreams that you've had over the course of your life. Then analyze the actions that were taken after your dream was discovered. What is your analysis? Did your actions reflect your dreams or did your dreams only live within your head? Let's look even deeper into this shall we? Let's analyze your situation, surroundings, and mindset at the particular time when your dreams were first discovered. Can you identify now what could have been the reason that caused you not to follow your dreams? Now let's fast forward to the present time. Are you happy with the actions that you have administered over the course of your life in regards to following your dreams? If not change it, start following your heart, start implementing actions that are in alignment with your dreams. Set time aside to do what you love to do, as well as things that truly make you happy. Now is the time to embrace peace and advocate how great you feel with your newly chosen perspective of how life is lived. 



Piece of Paper.

 Some people think that life is a joke, sometimes I wish it was, so more people would laugh more. Waking up going to a job for eight hours to fulfill someone else's dream is not what I had in mind for my mid twenties. Why can’t people just do what they really want to do in life? It seems like majority of the people who have the American dream job are unhappy at work. And all they receive for eight hours a day is pieces of paper. Where is the joy? Where is the passion? I’m not going to leave this earth sad, or having the feeling that I have not done all I could to achieve greatness in myself. Life is more than just how much money you have; I think people have replaced happiness with paper, and compassion with materialistic items. It’s sad to say but it’s the truth, people in society would rather be miserable at their job and gain a lot of money than be happy and financially stable. Just make sure you do not contribute to this, do what you love, and be happy, there is no piece of paper that can buy that.


Love Everybody Tour

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Walter and Emma in Stuttgart Arkansas. The couple owns a local Bar-b-que business in town. They are a great partnership and now because of the #LoveEverybodyTour they have social media tools to attract more business. Kibb's bar-b-que has been serving the Grand Prairie area for more that 35 years and will continue to offer great service and food to the Stuttgart area. If you are ever in the area please stop by and tell them that Peter sent you. Have a great day. 

Lead Role

You can see the episode that I was featured in at the URL link:  click on the video that displalys the words "Nightmare Nextdoor"  Thanks for your support #TeamPeter

Dream With Action

 Its perfectly normal for people to have dreams, actually its very healthy. What we must remember while we are dreaming is that our dreams are just dreams. A dream is in an entirely different realm than what we call reality. If we do not work towards the dream that is in our heart and mind, our dreams will remain dreams. With that being said, lets remember to make the proper changes in our life to make sure that our dreams come to reality. Prepare yourself spiritually, physically, and mentally to chase your dream. Staying organized and doing much research on things pertaining to your dream, is an ideal place to start. Surrounding yourself around people who share the same ambition to make it in life will also help you in your quest to reaching your goal. Surround yourself around positive vibes if possible, make sure that you believe in yourself, and never give up. Put yourself in an array of situations that will yield great advancements in you reaching your overall goal. Early mornings and late nights are your friends, sleepless nights are you relatives, and networking events is your new hobby.  Just keep grinding until you reach to top, you will see signs of success to let you know you are on the right track. 




Day 4

Hey everybody we only have four days left until they choose the winner of the Doritos commercial. We still need all the votes that we can get! The URL link: can be used to vote as many times as you want. Please vote 5 stars and leave a comment letting us know what exactly you like about the commercial. Thanks for your support I really appreciate it.




Day 4

Hey everybody we only have four days left until they chose the winner of the Doritos commercial. We still need all the votes that we can get! The URL link: can be used to vote as many times as you want. Please vote 5 stars and leave a comment letting us know what exactly you like about the commercial. Thanks for your support I really appreciate it.




Day 6


Hey everybody we only have six days left until they chose the winner of the Doritos commercial. We still need all the votes that we can get! The URL link: can be used to vote as many times as you want. Please vote 5 stars and leave a comment letting us know what exactly you like about the commercial. Thanks for your support I really appreciate it.




Great Night

Yesterday was like a dream! I met people that simply just lived. When I say live, I mean really living. These people did not use material things for validation. The people that I met did not live beyond their means, nor did they care what others might say or think about them. They were comfortable in there own skin, and it showed. There were no egos in the room, no blank stares, no confrontations, just peace and tranquility that calmly floated in the atmosphere like fog at night. I was a part of many conversations with people who were the best at what they do in the world. The phrases “no way” and “that’s super cool” seemed to be my responses to the great stories and life experiences that were mentioned to me that night. I felt as if everything that I ever did in life prepared me for this moment. Then suddenly things got even better, I started to explain my opinions on certain topics as well as what I am currently working on and people really seemed to enjoy that. Everyone that attended the event understood that not one person was bigger than the other, and as a result, it encouraged people to be themselves. Since I was young, I’ve always had this feeling that I was born to do something great, born to change the word, I can’t explain it or ignore the feeling that comes over me every single day but it exist. It is time to make sure that I devote my time into ensuring that this feeling becomes reality. If you have a feeling or if you are motivated to do something great, speak it into existence.  Thanks for listening.







"Shape Your Success"

Most people tell you that there is a certain formula for success, but that is not true. Success is what you make it. If you want to be the best at something you have to not only train like you are the best, but you also will need the mindset of someone that is the best. I met people this past weekend that have been in my field for years and yet they have hit a “ceiling”. Why do you think that is? My opinion as to why they have hit this "ceiling" is simple. I believe people reach this so called "ceiling" because they allow themselves to. If you change your mindset to adapt to whatever is thrown at you by this world and turn it into something positive who can stop you? The answer is no one. If you want to be great at something pray to God and then be great. Turn all of your doubts into fuel that will ignite your desire for greatness. Just look at all of the people in our society that we consider great, do they have more arms, or more legs than you? Or maybe you think they have a larger brain than you? NO! They have nothing over you than the will to be great.

If you want your success you have to shape it, mold yourself analyze everything that you can that is hindering you from reaching success.  So the next time you hear someone tell you that you cannot do something, laugh at him or her because you know that you are in the process of "Shaping Your Success."





Are you happy with what you are doing right now in your life? Are you currently working at the moment but do not like your job? I asked those questions to stir up thought amongst those who are reading this. Often times in life we find ourselves apart of things that we really do not want to be a part of, which results in odd behavior. Just look at most of our chain restaurants, most employees working will often generate negative vibes, or provide bad service because of there lack of interest. But if we look around that attitude can be found in all professions where people are placed in jobs that they really do not like. Is this the American Dream? I think not. At young age we were taught to go to college and then receive a good paying job, then raise a family and so forth and so on. But what about those who do not want to go to college? What about those who have a passion to only do one thing? Does this make them an outcast because they are not following the correct procedure to reach success? At one point in my life I thought so, I thought that success was obtain by following a specific formula for a specific amount of time, but I was wrong. Lately I have traveled from state to state, meeting people who have the drive and ambition to become great at what they do. They are not all wearing tailored suits and carrying a briefcase, but they are wearing regular clothes, with testimonials that will make the people listening reevaluate themselves. A lot of great inventors took the unconventional way of obtaining success, and did not follow strict guidelines. I am not stating that going to college and receiving a degree is wrong, all I want to advocate is that there are other ways to obtain success in life. Being happy with what you call your job, and doing it on your own time, creating your own schedule, and being genuinely happy with yourself is something that money cannot buy.

So I am asking you again, are you happy with what your doing with your life? Are you currently working at the moment but do not like your job? Think carefully before answering. 










Chosen Moment in Time

Not sure how you woke up this morning. I, on the other hand woke up feeling great and with the mindset that I want to be very productive today. I overheard various amounts of conversations as I walked the Brooklyn streets. Each conversation embraced something creative. I watched people walk around the park with there own agenda, unlike some regions within the US, everyone did not look as if they were going to the same place, cool vibes filled my surroundings. I am drinking tea and observing life at this current moment in time. What are you up to?




New York Nights.

Its currently 2:18am and I am c up doing the most but I am still being productive. While other people are snuggled in bed dreaming, I am wide awake typing on the mac, with Drake "NWTS" jamming in the background. I just ate one chicken wing that my bro just warmed up and we are up getting it. We both are from the south but just decided that we wanted more out of life and we just made the trip out of Texas to the east coast. It was worth the move in my opinion, the culture, the connections, networking events... the list can go on and on, but I will stop there. I know I am going to make it, I can just feel it. I know that it is going to happen I just need to give it time and keep working hard.


Stay asleep I will be up working ..........




Sincerely, the Opportunist