Are you happy with what you are doing right now in your life? Are you currently working at the moment but do not like your job? I asked those questions to stir up thought amongst those who are reading this. Often times in life we find ourselves apart of things that we really do not want to be a part of, which results in odd behavior. Just look at most of our chain restaurants, most employees working will often generate negative vibes, or provide bad service because of there lack of interest. But if we look around that attitude can be found in all professions where people are placed in jobs that they really do not like. Is this the American Dream? I think not. At young age we were taught to go to college and then receive a good paying job, then raise a family and so forth and so on. But what about those who do not want to go to college? What about those who have a passion to only do one thing? Does this make them an outcast because they are not following the correct procedure to reach success? At one point in my life I thought so, I thought that success was obtain by following a specific formula for a specific amount of time, but I was wrong. Lately I have traveled from state to state, meeting people who have the drive and ambition to become great at what they do. They are not all wearing tailored suits and carrying a briefcase, but they are wearing regular clothes, with testimonials that will make the people listening reevaluate themselves. A lot of great inventors took the unconventional way of obtaining success, and did not follow strict guidelines. I am not stating that going to college and receiving a degree is wrong, all I want to advocate is that there are other ways to obtain success in life. Being happy with what you call your job, and doing it on your own time, creating your own schedule, and being genuinely happy with yourself is something that money cannot buy.

So I am asking you again, are you happy with what your doing with your life? Are you currently working at the moment but do not like your job? Think carefully before answering.