Great Night

Yesterday was like a dream! I met people that simply just lived. When I say live, I mean really living. These people did not use material things for validation. The people that I met did not live beyond their means, nor did they care what others might say or think about them. They were comfortable in there own skin, and it showed. There were no egos in the room, no blank stares, no confrontations, just peace and tranquility that calmly floated in the atmosphere like fog at night. I was a part of many conversations with people who were the best at what they do in the world. The phrases “no way” and “that’s super cool” seemed to be my responses to the great stories and life experiences that were mentioned to me that night. I felt as if everything that I ever did in life prepared me for this moment. Then suddenly things got even better, I started to explain my opinions on certain topics as well as what I am currently working on and people really seemed to enjoy that. Everyone that attended the event understood that not one person was bigger than the other, and as a result, it encouraged people to be themselves. Since I was young, I’ve always had this feeling that I was born to do something great, born to change the word, I can’t explain it or ignore the feeling that comes over me every single day but it exist. It is time to make sure that I devote my time into ensuring that this feeling becomes reality. If you have a feeling or if you are motivated to do something great, speak it into existence.  Thanks for listening.