"Shape Your Success"

Most people tell you that there is a certain formula for success, but that is not true. Success is what you make it. If you want to be the best at something you have to not only train like you are the best, but you also will need the mindset of someone that is the best. I met people this past weekend that have been in my field for years and yet they have hit a “ceiling”. Why do you think that is? My opinion as to why they have hit this "ceiling" is simple. I believe people reach this so called "ceiling" because they allow themselves to. If you change your mindset to adapt to whatever is thrown at you by this world and turn it into something positive who can stop you? The answer is no one. If you want to be great at something pray to God and then be great. Turn all of your doubts into fuel that will ignite your desire for greatness. Just look at all of the people in our society that we consider great, do they have more arms, or more legs than you? Or maybe you think they have a larger brain than you? NO! They have nothing over you than the will to be great.

If you want your success you have to shape it, mold yourself analyze everything that you can that is hindering you from reaching success.  So the next time you hear someone tell you that you cannot do something, laugh at him or her because you know that you are in the process of "Shaping Your Success."