Piece of Paper.

 Some people think that life is a joke, sometimes I wish it was, so more people would laugh more. Waking up going to a job for eight hours to fulfill someone else's dream is not what I had in mind for my mid twenties. Why can’t people just do what they really want to do in life? It seems like majority of the people who have the American dream job are unhappy at work. And all they receive for eight hours a day is pieces of paper. Where is the joy? Where is the passion? I’m not going to leave this earth sad, or having the feeling that I have not done all I could to achieve greatness in myself. Life is more than just how much money you have; I think people have replaced happiness with paper, and compassion with materialistic items. It’s sad to say but it’s the truth, people in society would rather be miserable at their job and gain a lot of money than be happy and financially stable. Just make sure you do not contribute to this, do what you love, and be happy, there is no piece of paper that can buy that.