Lifestyle Diet

So you want to go to the next level huh? You want to be the best right? Lets break this down starting with your lifestyle diet shall we?


Most people think that your diet only consist of what you eat. But that is so far from the truth. Yes, your diet does impact the energy of your body and overall health. But in addition to watching what you eat, you also need toaccount for the things you view, the music you listen to, the people you surround yourself with, and the thoughts that you generate about yourself and others.



The images that you view have a serious impact on your personal life and the vibes you attract from the universe. Re-evaluate what you allow yourself to watch to understand how much of it is beneficial to making yourself a better person. Cut out the things that you determine are not making you better. You willsee a major change in the positivity that you obtain.


 Have you ever saw a movie and noticed how the music changes to match the actions of a particular scene? This is because music is the basic of all rhythm and helps set the tone for your current actions. So the next time you are in the gym and you play that song that makes you concentrate and complete the workout to the max. Take some time to asses the mood you are in and tap into the energy you generated. For you have tapped into the "mood" that you need to get to the next level. As a side note try to listen to only the music that puts you in your "Mood" everyday for a week. No radio just your personal playlist of songs that put you in that "mood" and observe the changes you experience.



It is a known fact that energy cannot be destroyed only transferred. With that being said make sure that you protect your energy from people that suck the energy out of you. Also protect yourself from people who are not on the same energy level as you. This goes to the saying "birds of a feather flock together" if you are constantly around people that are not on your same level or on the levelyou would like to be on, then what type of energy are you obtaining? Are you giving energy and not receiving any back? Ask yourself these questions and make executive decisions to alter who you surround yourself with. You will thank yourself later.



"I think I am therefore I am" is a phrase that is constantly overlooked. But you come to understand this phrase more as you look at past situations when you are around someone that constantly complains about there problems. People that talk negative about themselves are always in situations that are negative or depressing (isn't that a coincidence or is it?). Notice that the successful people are always talking about positivity or working hard and not listening to people that doubt their ability. This is a prime example of creating your own reality with your thoughts. So the next time you trip and fall, don’t say "I'm clumsy " instead say "that never happens to me". If you are going through a rough day remind yourself that you can get through this and make the corrections so that this wont happen again. And watch the new "luck" you obtain!



Follow these key points to help bring your vibe to an all time high. Remember your changes are for you not everyone else. You may not have the same friends at your best that you have when you are at your worst. And that’s okay! I hope this helps you on your journey.