The Breakdown

Find Your Place, Not Their Place:


We often attempt to stay in an area that is not conducive to our energy making us fill out of place. We often allow other people to project their fears and doubt onto us. Thus changing the reality that we have already manifested. So I say to you, stay true to who you are, and never let opinions changeyou, or who you are working hard to become. Remember that the Universe created you specifically to help make this reality better, and you obviously were equipped to provide a unique prospective to enhance life. So instead of responding to negativity, use that same energy to help improve who you are as a person.



Change Your Perspective:


Perspective is a great tool that can be used to channel your spirit. The fact that there are many perspectives to describe a moment in time, helps you see a larger picture instead of focusing in on a specific attribute. Try to look outside of what takes your attention, and attempt to unravel and take in everything that exist within the space of your viewpoint. Remember if you are on land and you witness a ship going under water, it may look as if it is sinking. But to creatures that already live under the water, it looks like the ship has just entered their world.



Breathe Bro:


You can go a few days without drinking water, you can even go a few days without something to eat, but you can't go more that a few minutes without breathing before you are no longer alive. So if you were to weigh these three attributes based on importance, I would say breathing is number one. But not a lot of people take this into consideration and attempt to master the art of breathing and understand the benefits of doing so. Try taking deep breaths for about 5 minutes every day to help regulate and control your body. While you are walking throughout your day make a conscious effort to control your breathing. This will help you understand your body with every breath you take, and help you become one with the universe.