New York Nights.

Its currently 2:18am and I am c up doing the most but I am still being productive. While other people are snuggled in bed dreaming, I am wide awake typing on the mac, with Drake "NWTS" jamming in the background. I just ate one chicken wing that my bro just warmed up and we are up getting it. We both are from the south but just decided that we wanted more out of life and we just made the trip out of Texas to the east coast. It was worth the move in my opinion, the culture, the connections, networking events... the list can go on and on, but I will stop there. I know I am going to make it, I can just feel it. I know that it is going to happen I just need to give it time and keep working hard.


Stay asleep I will be up working ..........




Sincerely, the Opportunist